Here I am introducing you to the second person. I am also going to tell you about her to give you an idea of who she is. I chose this picture to represent her because the moon reflects light even though it has its own. She shows you your light while also having her own. Sometimes she can find herself in a dark place, but I know she will find her way back into the light, much like the moon cycles.

1. I’m not sure how I’m connected to the community

2. I have been at CCHS for three years

3. I’m a student at CCHS

4. It’s pretty chill but not great sometimes

5. I’m proud of how we are a diverse and mostly accepting school

6. I honestly don’t know what my favorite thing is

7. Have a better way of punishing the homophobic, racist, and ableist people

8. I don’t really have a significant moment at CCHS

9. I don’t know what I’d want to be remembered for




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