Bettering the school library

My idea for a project that would help better my community is to work on bettering the school library. The scope of my idea is the Athens Area Highschool. This project would benefit kids in the high school by providing them with a selection of books to read and a good space to study. For this I would would set up a way for people around town/ in school to donate books to the library. I also would like some money to be raised to buy a couch and or chairs for students to read or study comfortably. People could donate books or money whenever they want throughout the school year to help with this project. This would take place mostly at the high school and also around town if you include the people who are donating. I feel this would help the school to be a better place by providing students with recourses to help better their minds and a place to study. I think all kids deserve access to a good selection of books at their school for entertainment and learning purposes. 




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