Human Trafficking is an issue that cannot keep getting pushed aside. In this article I discuss the importance and necessity to further discuss this issue, along with, solutions and examples that prove Human Trafficking needs to stop.

Hi My Name is Isabella Albiter, I am going into 7th grade this September. 

Human Trafficking is the trade of humans for the purposes of forced labor, sexual slavery and exploitation. What is the government doing about it? It seems their efforts have been incompetent, and Human Trafficking is growing uncontrollably and has been pushed aside on their agenda.

An example of human trafficking would look like this, a family member that is most likely a female teen and a runaway. She has been persuaded by an “”employer” who offers her a job as a backup dancer in Las Vegas. What happens next is that this young woman has been lured into being a prostitute in a Casino in Vegas.

According to The Conversation website, “Most of these felons are trusted by the child's parents or the child themselves. According to the 2017 State Department Trafficking in Persons report, there were only 14,894 prosecutions and 9,071 convictions for trafficking globally in 2016.

Lastly, we need new anti-trafficking laws such as imposing verification on employers and contractors certification. As well providing resources, low cost therapy and rehabilitation provided by the government to trafficking victims. Most Importantly, we need more in-depth investigation and better records management in general on Human Trafficking due to the lack of clarity from some law enforcement agencies in Wisconsin of these crimes, and imposing tougher penalties on these felons.

Thank you,

Isabella Albiter




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