My speech is about having free healthcare and insurance for everyone! I talk about the Bill Joe Biden is making and how that's a good start, I also talk a bit about checkups and what they do along with other countries that already do this.

In 2018, 27.8 million Americans went without any health insurance for the entire year, and sadly more than 26,000 of them died. I am 12 meaning around 312,000 Americans have died just from not having health insurance! And let me say covid has not helped at all. Now you might be like, “well Mari President Biden is lowering the health insurance fee already.” But that’s not enough! I think sometimes we forget some people have nothing and that there are families with kids who can’t afford stuff at all! What I’m trying to say is that we need there to be free healthcare and insurance for everyone! And this is why…

Okay so let’s talk about checkups. I am a kid who can go to the doctor when something is wrong, I go to my yearly checkups, and get my shots. Now when you go to a check-up there making sure you're not sick, that way If I was sick I could be taken care of! But now let's say you can’t afford health insurance and you can’t go to your yearly check-up. Now if you had an infection it might not be able to get fixed because even if you realized you had that infection it might be too far in meaning you can get sick and possibly die depending on what sickness it is, especially if it’s something like cancer or even covid that can kill you faster.

Also, US healthcare has been brought up a lot in bigger meetings about how bad it is. And yes President Biden is trying to lower the fee of healthcare which is great and you should support it, but health insurance can still be very expensive and lots of families can’t pay half of it! So why isn’t President Biden trying to make it free! As America is the richest country in the world! Insurance companies already have plenty of money! And other countries like France, Germany, Russia, and a lot of other countries do it too so why can’t the US do it?

Okay, but In the end, it all goes to saving people's lives by making sure they don’t live in pain. And I don’t think just people who can’t afford insurance sure get it for free but everyone should! Because no one deserves to ever worry about those bills, no one deserves to think they don’t have enough! There should be no more putting people in debt with medical bills, just a world where people shouldn’t be worried that they're gonna be sick and then suffer because they can’t go to the hospital. In the end, this is why health insurance needs to be free to all and why you should agree with me!




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