In this interview Lila told me about where her motivation comes from. She explained what contributes to her driven personality and attitude towards life.

“I feel like I am a very driven and motivated person. I know what I want my future to look like, and I feel like I am able to put all of my effort into that. And every single day I’m going to wake up, I’m going to be the person I wanna be. I know that I care about others, and I’m not gonna let one thing hold me back...I see in other people what I want to be and I let that alter who I am... I still am able to hold myself accountable of what I want to see in other people. That allows me to continue to find myself...I feel I continue to grow everyday just by, the people that surround me and I make sure that I let those people lift me up” “(I)ts not always ‘Go, Go Go!’ I can tell you there is always the ups and downs, I will always ask myself ‘Who do I want to be?’, ‘What are other people doing?’ ... I feel like every single day is just an opportunity to get better.” “(W)hat (my parents) did, is show me to do what I love. To do what makes me happy and I will get a good out come...I’m motivated enough that if I put my mind to it, I will get what I want...My parents have taught me... to treat others how you want to be treated... that's the most important thing. (After that) the other stuff will just fall into place"

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