We chose a photo that represents democracy to us.

Democracy is defined as a form of government in which the people have the authority to voice their opinions, deliberate, and to make decisions, or choose government officials to do so. The photo I chose represents democracy to me. This photo is a picture of one of my tarantulas. To me, democracy means the freedom to express your opinion. My opinion is that I love tarantulas and I find them very amazing. Many other people don’t like tarantulas, or spiders in general, but that’s okay because everyone can have their own opinion.

My photo ties into democracy because I can voice my opinion of liking tarantulas, even though the majority most likely does not. I get the freedom to express my feelings and opinions, and others get those freedoms too. Democracy helps us form a better community by hearing and listening to people and their opinions. Everyone is unique and I think that is what makes democracy better. People will have different outlooks and different ideas that others may never have thought of. This input makes our democracy stronger and our community better.

Overall, I, as well as others, get to freely express our opinions, ideas and views. All these different inputs help us think of new ideas and help us vote on new ideas to help strengthen our community and better our life. So, everyone is free to like, dislike, and voice their opinions. The diversity of ideas helps make us better, and improve our community. Everyone is unique and has their own views, and that just makes everything better and contributes to building the world around us.

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Eureka High School Soph Honors, 1st Period

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