In this post, I express what democracy means to me. Democracy is who we are and allows us to have many rights we didn't have before. Democracy allows different forms of freedom, power, and equality.

Democracy is the citizens of America's voice. It is a right and commonsense that we get a say in who/what is controlling our lives. Democracy allows us the freedom of speech and the freedom to believe in what we want. Regardless of your race, religion, skin color, language, etc. All of us citizens are equal. This is and should be one large community.

Although we may not make the “right” decision in democracy, it allows us to fix it again. Protests, petitions, another vote, and more allow us to. Us being normal citizens doesn't make us any less. People in a higher power have that power from our help. Remember democracy makes this OUR government. We the people are a democracy. 

My photo is of a man carrying a sign saying “Disarm hate” in a protest. These people are protesting in the rain, walking all over eureka, and using their voices. They want a change and answers. Democracy allows us to do that. It lets us stand up for what we believe is right as a community.

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