this is democracy because it shows brotherhood. it shows that no matter what we have going on we stick together as a team just like how in the government the republicans stick together and the democrats stick together.

To me democracy means the right to vote or have the option to do something. It means Freedom and we can be independent. It is having the government and president that the majority voted for. It is working together and being a community.

My photo represents democracy because it is people with all different backgrounds and ethnicities coming together and being a team. This represents that because it is brotherhood and we work together and help each other out to win. We don't do something that benefits us, we do what benefits the team. We all go from having whatever problems we have anywhere and wherever we are going through and leave it away from the game. We play as a team no matter what just like if our government there is republican and democrat each one works with their team to take down the other, and they leave what they have going on with eachother of the internet.

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