Our Democracy

My name is Baeden Schinke and this is my views on Democracy below.

By Baeden S. from Eureka High School in California

     I chose this photo to represent Democracy because it shows two human beings talking about their opinions and finding a common ground on the matter.They were discussing a question that millions of people can't agree on.Who is the goat of Basketball,Michael Jordan or Lebron James.Personally I say Jordan but that's another story.These two were yelling and almost got physical at a point because their opinions were so different but they were able to find something they agreed on,both players were the greatest of their time.This is Democracy at its purest form,not in front of a audience or televised but just two normal people talking.

     Democracy to me is people discussing their opinions.They could both agree with each other or they could disagree but if people are sharing their views on anything and someone is giving their view on that then I call that Democracy.America was built on the idea of Democracy and we use it elect officials that lead our country.You could use it for anything,solve who gets the last candy bar the possibilities are endless.In the end we use democracy because it is fair,you get a say in anything even if people may not agree with what you say,you still have a voice.

Jeremiah Hall and Mateo Gutierrez agreeing on real world problems below

Eureka High School

Soph Honors, 2nd Period

Sophomore Honors English

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Our Democracy

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