I found a notebook that represented Democracy, I wrote how it represented it and what it means to me.

I took a picture of a notebook my friend found inside Target while we were shopping. This represents democracy because it shows hands all at the bottom raised to represent equality. It also says “we the people” to show all of the people are in one group and not split up into several different groups. This notebook kind of reminded me of ' ‘Black Lives Matter '' because when there were a lot of protests last year, I saw several shirts and signs that had the exact hand and text as the notebook did. I believe that the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement is a form of Democracy because it shows people fighting for equality and justice for their rights.

To me democracy is the right in which we humans have freedom, we have the right to choose what we do, and also have the right to choose what everyone does that way everyone is all treated equal, with the same rights. Democracy is also a form of government where people have the right to vote to also choose what we do as a country.

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Eureka High School Soph Honors, 2nd Period

Sophomore Honors English

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