This is my post for the "Our Democracy" assignment for my 1st period Sophomore Honors class.

The democracy present in our country today is, in my opinion, where a bunch of people in power who are afraid of chaos pretend to give some semblance of power to a bunch of people, and those people who elect those in power give up their power to those at the top. The people who are in power then take actions on behalf of the people while not being completely obliged to respect the opinions of those who voted for them. Most elected officials do respect those who voted them into power since they want to get elected again. However, some are able to do what they want done instead of what the country wants done in the time allotted to them.

I think that our democracy could be improved by having the people vote for each decision made for the country, and that it would help keep corruption away. By not surrendering their power to an elected official, the people would be able to represent themselves more. This would also create less dissension towards those in power, because there would be nobody to pin the blame on for a decision that one didn’t like. Decisions would completely and fully represent the people’s wishes.

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