I interviewed a student who is also a member of the razorback band. She has an interesting view of the school.

Second Interview

“How are you connected to Cross creek?”

“The band”

“How long have  you been at cross creek?”

“Since 2019”

“What is your role at cross creek”

“I’m a student”

“How would describe cross creek’s community”

“It’s a nice learning environment”

“What is something you’re proud of”

“Being apart of the razorback band”

“What is your favorite thing about Cross creek”

“The teachers”

“What can we do to make cross creek better”

“Get rid of the violence and fighting between students”

“What is a moment that connects you to cross creek”

“The students and the razorback band”

“How would you like to be remembered”

“I dont think there’s anything I’d like to be remembered by”

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