My project is about a community park that could serve the community in many different ways.

I plan to create a community park located in the town near the school and residential areas. It could serve as an area for small children to play as well as a place for adolescents to destress after school.  This idea would mainly benefit those who live in the Athens township. It would help parents who work late and can not watch their children after school as well as teenagers seeking a place to destress/hang out. The park itself would consist of three main areas. 1. A skatepark mainly for teenagers. 2. A facility that would host indoor programs. 3. A large playground area for children. Specific after-school programs would take place every weekday after school while the park itself would be open 24/7. This would help solve the problem of teenagers/ children getting in trouble after school because they don’t have anywhere to go. It would also build a stronger sense of community within those in town/those who frequent the park. It is important to our community because it keeps adolescents off the streets and builds a stronger bond in the community through the parks and programs.

The photo below is of a street that looks like many of the owns of those that go to the school/live near town. A small child would not be able to spend time safely outside if their only easily accessed option were their streets. 




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