Civic Journalism

Putting an end to hunger and always having something to wear.

By Aubrey from Endless Mountain in Pennsylvania

As a citizen of my community, there are always ways to make my town better. As a high school student, I came up with the idea of creating more food banks/free clothing places for people who are not financially able to sustain themselves. Especially with the Covid-19 pandemic at hand,  many people are out of jobs which makes paying the bills and buying food for themselves and their families challenging. If we incorporated more food banks for people, we might eliminate the problem of child hunger. Child hunger isn't always seen from the outside, therefore making it hard to notice. Every child and family deserves a meal, and many people in large cities and or counties go hungry and lack proper clothing. The food banks should be open all day, so at free will, people can come in and get what they need to feel sustained. Although I myself do not struggle with this problem, that doesn't mean I shouldn't take a stand on doing what's right; which is helping people in need. That should be a top priority for everyone. 

Endless Mountain

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