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Trapping stray cats in my neighborhood and having them neutered and spayed.

By Mya T. from Endless Mountain in Pennsylvania

As a citizen of Athens Borough, I am looking for ways to benefit my community. I came up with the idea of trapping stray cats and getting them spayed or neutered. My neighborhood has a rising stray cat problem and doing this can help stabilize the population. The stray cats create a nuisance by randomly showing up at houses and scratching and urinating on outside furniture. They also beg for food and take refuge in open garages and sheds. I will ask local veterinarians to assist in this program by providing free or discounted services. I will also present this idea to my local community and solicit donations to fund this idea.. Twice a year, the neighborhood would use food to lure and trap the cats in humane box traps. The cats will then be taken to a participating vet to be spayed or neutered.

Endless Mountain

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