For our Humans of Sophomore English project. I interviewed Sidney Caampued and learned that she is all about her family and culture. She is very proud of where she came from and of her family.

“The most important lesson that I have learned in life was to stop caring about negative thoughts and your appearance does not define how strong you are and who you are.”

“When I grow up I want to be something that has to do with criminology or psychology or a behavior analysis… I want to investigate crimes and be able to defend myself.”

“I say that I hate this about myself a lot but, I really like how tiny I am and my ethnicity. …Filipinos are naturally small, its weird to find a tall Filipino and I just feel like that connects to my ethnicity… It gets me into places that are really small.”

“I am Filipino American. I get it from my mom, and I suppose my dad who are both full Filipino but, I was born and raised here in America.”

“Cooking is very important to my family. Food is an amazing thing. The food and the art of dance is really big.”

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