For humans of Sophomore English I interviewed my classmate Nova. She talked about her life growing up, morals, and values.

¨Probably my mom that´s like a very generic answer but like she´s taught me everything growing up, so I had have to say her. I don´t have a specific story but I remember going to the beach a lot and I remember like me and my friend playing in the tide pool, like that was a fun childhood time. I don´t think I would do anything differently, I just feel like if I did everything differently there wouldn't be anything to learn because sometimes bad experiences can be great learning opportunities, I like what I have learned and how I have grown. Just to be authentic to yourself you don´t need to change for anybody else, and to try to fulfill your potential the best you can because I don´t like wasted potential. I wanna be seen as a hardworking person and somebody who doesn't give up easily in my work.¨

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