I interviewed Victoria Shilts about her life experiences and how they impacted her views, happiness, and beliefs. This interview expresses how one's experiences can leave a lasting impression on an individual, even years later!

"Um... probably... the happiest moment of my life… um, maybe when I moved in with my dad, I think, because I lived with my mom for a long time, and I missed him, and when I moved in with him it was kind of like, I don’t know, we’re more similar, so we had like more things in common.”

“I think that the most important lesson I’ve learned is that people are gonna be mean, people are gonna judge you. But, it doesn’t really matter what they think, because, I don’t you, and if they don’t like it, for…”

“I think maybe Hawaii [a place important to me], because when I was little, we lived there, and my parents were still together, and I remember it, and so I have like these little memories from when my parents were together, and I feel like when I just think about that, it like makes me happy.”




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