For our democracy project, I talk about the importance of our voice and community. We have one of the most important jobs in the world as citizens and sometimes we don't even realize it.

   To me, democracy is always developing. As citizens, it is our job to elect leaders to do the right things and be in the right positions. The United States Constitution starts with the words, “We the People”. We have the power to bring awareness and justice to situations happening in our state, country, and city. That starts in school and getting the right education which leads to community. The people we surround ourselves and interact with have a big impact on democracy. 

   I chose this photo because people of all different backgrounds have a voice. We come together to bring awareness to certain issues that concern and affect us. That can be seen in different forms. All over the world, we see protests; we can go even smaller than that, and we see people form clubs in their own schools to understand what is going on not only in our city but also in the world. We are blessed to have the rights we have in this country, and things are changing every day, but the power of our voices is larger than we think.

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