For my our democracy assignment, I chose to take a picture of the sky to represent democracy.

To me, democracy is made by our community and changed by new things that come. Elected members of our society are voted to represent us in a democracy. Their voice is everyone in our community's voice all in one. Democracy makes decisions in a system of government to better our society. I was thinking about what to take a picture of to represent democracy, and I chose a picture of the sky.

I feel like the sky represents democracy because it can be a thought of as freedom and access. Seeing the sky everyday reminds us of our freedom because of democracy. We all have the right to vote when we are of age, which is a part of access and freedom, and voting chooses who is in our democracy. Who we choose as our voice matters because it can determine the outcome of our community.

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Eureka High School Soph Honors, 1st Period

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