For our democracy project, I explained how my soccer team shows what democracy means to me.

To me, democracy means a system of people who have the ability to have their opinions heard and make decisions together. They can elect leaders or someone who can make bigger decisions for the greater good and have the final say. There isn´t usually just one leader who makes all the decisions but a group of people that help them decide. They also have the ability to change and fix issues within their government. I think a democracy helps everyone involved have an equal opportunity to speak their mind and help the community.

This photo of my soccer team represents democracy to me because we are a group of people with elected leaders who make decisions. We all have a say in what we do and how the team works. We work together to make decisions for the good of our team. Our leaders are our coaches who have team captains and junior captains. They all lead our team and help make important decisions.

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