Education is the key to "Our Democracy."

This photo shows the young minds of students in an educational environment. Watch as we visualize these young minds collaborating together. As they hear from each other's views and opinions, they receive a higher understanding of their own opinions. Education is power, and this power requires refining. This then connects to democracy, for our democracy would be in shambles if the people were not educated and open-minded, unlike the students in the photo. 

Democracy is power. It is the power that gives the people the right to choose their own leader. In doing so, they are given the ability to protect themselves from a tyrannical monarch, and the ability to elect leaders who will determine their rights and freedom. Inspired by the quote of Theodore Roosevelt, “The government is us; we are the government, you and I.” This quote is to convey that it is not elected officials who are our government, but it is the people who vote and elect who are the true government. The freedom to choose one’s rights by voting is freedom itself.




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