A simple tree can represent our democracy in many ways. It symbolizes growth, the people, and our elected officials. Our democracy is a pivotal part of our culture and there is many ways to represent it.

My photo shows a tree; a symbol of growth, peace and democracy. What you see in the picture is a tree but what you don’t see is a pivotal to the tree's survival, it is the roots. Roots support the tree and are essential to hold up the trunk; the roots symbolize the people. The tree is the elected representatives. They are what represent us but we are the ones who support them. As the roots we have the power to over take the tree. The people are larger and are essential to the tree's power, the people hold them up so they can pull them down. Tree’s also represent our growth to democracy.

Democracy isn’t a given, people have to revolt for a chance to speak for themselves. As the tree grows so does the people's power and when the people are larger than the king they can take his power. When it was a time of absolute monarchy the people grew into a large enough force to form a democracy. The tree can only grow with roots, so when the people don't get a say in their government than it will never succeed. That is how a tree represents the power of the people and the world's growth into democracy.


Kate Pardoe

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