Our democracy

Democracy to me is my team. we all get a say and we all work together.

By Maia H. from Eureka High School in California

Democracy is where all of the people get a say in what is going on. Without a democracy things would get out of control and people would get angry. In 1789, the French Revolution started because there was no democracy. The people of the lower classes were unhappy without a vote or a say in the laws. The people did not have any freedom and were treated like garbage before the French Revolution started. To this day, we create a government based on the ones that were created then.

Democracy to me is my team. My team is like a second family to me, we win together and we lose together. This shows that we have a leader who is our coach and we the players are the people. We all work together throughout 2 months to win the league and the tournament that is played after. Every year, we get new people who join the team and contribute to it. However, every year we lose someone because they are graduating.

Eureka High School

Soph Honors, 1st Period

Sophomore Honors English

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Our Democracy

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