Our Democracy is not just big ideas but the little things too

Democracy to me is about everyone as a whole. I feel like in the world we live in it can be really easy to get wrapped up in things that are stressful and bigger than us. Helping out a friend or even a stranger in need is a an example of what a democracy should be. The little things you can do for a person can truly have a bigger impact than you think. A democracy is a population of people being governed but it's also a population of people who work together and exist in the same world.

My post represents democracy because I think we need to notice the small beautiful things in life that exist in our democracy. My picture is a quick photo I took while I was on a walk with my family the other day. I was just walking and not thinking about much and I looked down and I thought the leaves that had fallen off the trees looked beautiful. But I realize if I would've been worrying about other things I might’ve not looked down or even cared about the leaves on the ground. But I felt so calm that I was able to enjoy what was going on around me. So that’s why democracy to me is about focusing on the tiny perfect things around yourself.

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