I express my learning about democracy through soccer and how I now have many real world skills due to that environment.

I used a picture of my soccer team as an example of democracy. I view democracy as people from different backgrounds coming together to make decisions about something they want to change or continue. On our soccer team the players' voices and opinions about what we’re doing are often expressed. This leads our coaches to communicate with us about why we feel this way. If enough people want to change it and it’s a valid point we’ll change it.

Now that I have first hand experience in democracy I can apply it to my everyday life. Instead of conceding to a higher up “just because they said so” I can use my new skill to make an argument for myself. I have learned to not whine when I don’t like something and to rather professionally communicate my confusion or disagreement with whoever can help me. It has also taught me that sometimes you do lose that vote and you just have to suck it up, not complain, and work it out because the priority is the bigger group, or in my case my team, rather than just yourself. I now have an appreciation for the way our country is run through a fair voting system rather than through heritage or other things that don’t let civilians input their voices.

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