In this text, I explain my opinions ideas about democracy and pick out the most important ones. I also show examples of how these ideas relate to day-to-day life.

Democracy, to me, means freedom. With freedom, you have the right to vote and freedom of speech. With freedom of speech, you have community, communication, and the right to debate. All of these things are important in our day-to-day life and in our government. If one of these rights is violated, then the entire government and its citizens are thrown off.

I chose the symbol of a team huddle to show the community that is built within the democracy. This community is the people who contribute ideas, opinions, and votes to the democracy. As a community, you need the key ideas of democracy. These consist of freedom, communication, voting, and other rights. Within a community and a democracy, you need strong communication and ideas. I believe communication, freedom, and community are the most important aspects of Our Democracy.

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