This post is about what democracy means to me. This photo represents democracy, how each state comes together to make a final decision and how we are the people who give the flag meaning.

We are educated from a young age to make decisions and unbiased opinions. This prepares us for the future when we are older and are able to participate in voting and other democracy related events. Even at a young age we practice making opinions, like voting for class student president, picking representatives, and if we have to make a decision we vote. Each star on this flag represents a state and as a whole we work together to make decisions. Each stripe represents a colony and now we have 50 states each with their own communities and their own ideas, and we come together and share those ideas. Together we become one, we become one country, and this makes one flag.

I feel like the flag represents the ideals of democracy. It represents our rights and our independence from Britain. It represents our freedom to express our opinions no matter how much we might disagree with each other. Our differing opinions and ideas are what make up the flag. It is a representation of how we work together and come together to make decisions by freely expressing our opinions and voting to make our voice heard. We have fought to keep these ideals of democracy alive and we should continue to do so.

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