The Flight 93 passengers and crew were individuals who stood together on 9/11 to confront terrorism. They prevented an attack that day and saved many. Write about a current problem the world presently faces and how we could work together to stop it.

      On September 11, 2001, America faced a great tragedy when Al-Qaeda caused an attack on America. They went on to hijack four planes and crash them, resulting in the tragic deaths of many. At around 9:28 a.m., Flight 93, one of the flights designated to crash, was hijacked. They were planned to crash in Washington D.C., but instead crashed elsewhere due to the bravery and courage of these passengers as well as gave their lives to save many other lives from suffering a tragic death. Because of their use of courage, we should use theirs as a light of inspiration to unite and solve problems America unfortunately faces to this day.

      One of the main problems America suffers from is the use of gun violence in schools, leading to many tragedies. As the years go on, school shootings in America have continued to increase. There have been around 46 school shootings within the past year here in America. While 46 seems to be a small number when it comes to most things, it is a sad and unfortunately big number for the use of gun-violence in American schools. In total, there have been around 386 schools shootings in America, since the Columbine incident in 1999, the first school shooting recorded in America. Because of this sad reality in America, many children have lost their lives with little justice served. 

      As a union, all citizens of America need to come together, no matter what their political views are to stop this ongoing conflict like the passengers of Flight 93 did---as well as bring justice to those who were or are victims of gun violence in schools. Because of the tragedy, 9/11, we now have what is known as the TSA, formed by the government to prevent such tragedies from happening again. While we do have the TSA, unfortunately, 58.3% of American schools still lack the security to aide against armed intruders within schools. With the percentage of American schools without security being higher than 50%, should motivate us to help provide a proper security system for American schools through petitions and requests to the Supreme Court. As well as donating to help schools afford security systems. 

      The average school security system can vary from 20,000$-30,000$. If each american citizen chipped in about a dollar or two, more American schools would be able to afford a proper security system. With these security systems, more schools would have less a chance of being intruded. Therefore, if we all chipped in a dollar or two to help American schools, that would be an example of us, Americans, coming together as a society to work together to solve problems in American such as gun violence in American schools.

      To sum things up, one of the biggest problems in American schools is the use of guns and gun violence in American schools. To stop this problem, we could all come together as a union, like the passengers of Flight 93, to help lessen this problem. The passengers of Flight 93 all made the decision to help stop what could have been a serious disaster, and now we as citizens of America have the ability to stop the ongoing problem of gun violence by every American citizen only chipping in a dollar or two.




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