The Write Across America Virtual Writing Marathon is an online summer writing experience, open to anyone. Throughout the summer, local Writing Project sites around the United States provide inspiration, time to write, time to share, and a sense of community for all participants.

Each stop on the itinerary lasts 90 minutes and includes an orientation by a local Writing Project site to a place in their region or, perhaps, to a new conception of virtual space. All stops are facilitated by local teacher-leaders and welcome all kinds of writing and writers.

Write Across America is an opportunity to:

  1. Connect the NWP network and our wider set of colleagues through the simple act of writing together in community.
  2. Provide an opportunity for participants to “travel” in the time of Coronavirus and participate in a community of writers.
  3. Learn about different places through writing.
  4. Raise the collective visibility of the NWP network and our commitment to writing.
  5. Collect shareable resources for teachers to take their students on a virtual writing marathon in the fall.