Personal Information — What we collect and why

Personal information is collected from certain users, including Site administrators, Group administrators, and Group members, in order to facilitate the workflows and operations provided by the Website. For Site owners and Group administrators, we collect name and email address, along with other non-personal information. For Members, we collect a displayed username, which the Member or their Group administrator can arbitrarily define—meaning, it would only contain personal information (such as the user's name) if the user chose to define it as such.

Signing up to participate at the Website requires Educators 18+ (also referred to as the "Site administrator") to choose a Site name, pick the type of Site organization, and to provide an address of the Site and the name and email address of the Site administrator. The Site administrator can then invite Group administrators by specifying their names and email addresses. In turn, Group administrators can invite Members to author submissions. Member registration requires a username and password (no email address is required.) Finally, the Site administrator controls whether or not Member letters appear on the Website map, centered on the city where the Site is located.

The Member profile only shows when a submission is displayed. Displayed information includes a Display Name (specified by the Member or their Group administrator) along with the City + State location of a Site (unless the Site administrator has chosen not to publish their location). Email addresses associated with Site or Group administrators are not displayed.


The Website uses cookies as a method of authentication and session management. To help improve the user experience of the Website and troubleshoot potential problems, the Website maintains a log of both user-level and system-level activity, the details of which may increase or decrease depending on whether or not a current issue is being investigated.

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