The American Creed is something that people all over the country hold near and dear to their heart, and like the American Dream, each person has a wildly different definition of it. This paper analyzes the connection between the American Creed and the American Dream.

 American Creed is a difficult thing to define. To be able to sum it up into one word, or sentence, or definition is almost impossible. Asking different people to do it will elicit different responses largely because no two person’s Creed will be the same. No two people have the same experiences and beliefs, and no two people will have the same Creed. There are different things that can impact one’s view of the American Creed, like age, and race, and gender, and social class, and beyond that there is an infinite number of things that can also shape a person’s view of what the American Creed is. Every American is unique, and every American has their own completely individual view of the American Creed.

To me, the Creed ties deeply into the American Dream. The idea that America is a ball of clay, and you as an individual have the opportunity to shape your view of America into anything you can imagine is the essence of the American Dream. As an American, you have a voice and a heart and an opinion, and those make you unique. Although I believe every American’s Dream is different much like their Creed, mine is that America is the stepping stone to achieving whatever you want to achieve. Whether you want to become a doctor, or a architect, or work for a charity, or do mission work, or go to school, or start a business, American is the best place to do that. Your life’s dream can be realized in America, and that idea is what I believe is the American Dream.

I believe in the American Dream because in my experience it’s true. My grandfather came to America from France to find work as a carpenter, and although he wasn’t able to get a college education, he found work and started a farm and a family. All of his kids were able to get college educations and he retired onto a piece of land that was his own after working in America all of his life. He came to America with a dream of a better life, and through hard work and dedication he was able to achieve that dream. He had the opportunity in America to shape a life for himself, and he took that opportunity. The American Dream motivated him to come to America, and considering that he was able to accomplish his dreams in America, I believe anyone can.

My belief in this dream is the core of what my American Creed is. I think the American Dream defines what America is, and although I do think that other people will have harder or easier times achieving their individual dreams in America, I have to believe that it’s possible for everyone. That dream gives me a hope, that all of the problems in America can be solved. That no matter who you are, and where you come from, if you want to make America better you can. I believe that part of being American is that hope. Having that dream that you can change America for the better is my Creed. I believe that America is a place where anyone can do anything, and that belief in America motivate me to try and make the changes I want to see. My belief in the dream that I can do what I want to if I work hard enough for it is what I think America is. It’s a place where you can accomplish anything, and my American Creed is believing in that.




Avondale High School Avondale High School

Avondale High School is in Oakland County, in Southeast Michigan.

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