A Diverse American Creed

Selflessness goes a long way and helping others is important. Condoleezza Rice, Joe Maddon, and David Kennedy understand that the opportunities to succeed in the U.S. will arrive as long as you do not forget to also help your community.

By Javir from UCLA CS in California

The United States of America is labeled as “the land of opportunities.” Many people believe in this saying while others don’t. In the film, “American Creed,” there are constant mentions of how the United States has allowed people to receive opportunities. Condoleezza Rice, David M. Kennedy, and Joe Madon all believe that the U.S. will bring opportunities to succeed as long as you don’t forget your community in the process.

Condoleezza Rice is a professor at Stanford University. She knows that with education, “you had armor against prejudice” which means you were covered from facing unfair biases. Rice’s grandfather picked up cotton for a full year and when he had enough, he traded his cotton to afford one year at college. When the year finished, Rice’s grandfather did not have enough money to afford another year at college. He questioned how other students were able to afford the tuition. He was told the other students had scholarships because they were Presbyterian ministers and Rice’s grandfather could get one if he switched his religion. “Grandaddy Rice '' decided to take this opportunity to afford tuition and his family also turned presbyterian. After this, Rice’s family became educated and were able to move up socially but they did not forget about their upbringings. “Grandaddy Rice” came from a community that did not have the resources to offer education to its kids. He made churches and schools so that kids can also get the opportunity to get an education. As Rice says “for African-Americans, education became the holy grail,” all Americans including those who lack resources needed education and Grandad Rice made sure everyone got it. The land of opportunities helped Grandaddy Rice, he took advantage of it and delivered it back to his community.

Perhaps the most devastating blow the United States has taken in its economy was during the Great Depression. David M. Kennedy’s father had gone “dead broke” during the Great depression. He thought he had failed his family by not being able to succeed. When David was born, he was met with a disappointed father. David saw that the American promise wasn’t fulfilled for this father and he did not want this for himself. David Kennedy pursued education and went to college. He became the first person in his family to attend college and became a professor at Stanford University. Kennedy became a professor to educate future generations and help them succeed in life. I have started taking a similar approach to Kennedy’s life. My parents immigrated to the U.S. so that I can have a better education. I appreciate all the hardships and sacrifices my parents have gone through to get me a better life. I will do everything in my power to take advantage of receiving an education, like Kennedy, and help others academically succeed.

Many people around the United States dislike the idea of immigrants in this country. They say immigrants take jobs and “destroy unity in towns.” Joe Maddon, former coach of the Cubs, disagrees. He says “it’s ironic that the same people who judge immigrants are the same one’s who’s families immigrated here for a better life.” This selfish way of thinking goes against Maddon's principles. He says that the United States is a country of immigrants and that is the reason why the United States is known as the land of opportunities. People do not come to this land for themselves, they come here to improve life for their children and future generations. For this reason, Joe Maddon created the Hazleton Integration Project to unify kids in hopes of bringing their parents together to construct a healthy environment and community that puts kids and families first. Madon had the money and all the fame he needed he could’ve easily avoided helping people, but he understood that with his resources, he could create a better world for others.

Selflessness goes a long way and helping others is important. Condoleezza Rice, Joe Maddon, and David Kennedy understand that the opportunities to succeed in the U.S. will arrive as long as you do not forget to also help your community.


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