Talking about America & its greatest value

America, Land of Opportunity. One so massive it shares the Pacific and the Atlantic oceans as its coasts. Naturally, in a country as massive as this, many people could have many different ideas on the values of the country. However, based on the shared perspectives of Joe Maddon, Deirdre Prevett, and Teegan Griffith, I have come to the conclusion that Americans mainly value community the most

One reason why community is important for Americans, is because we can work together to make something great. Joe Maddon, a famous baseball manager, created an organization called the Hazleton Integration Project. He mentions how the goal is to get Anglo-children to interact with Hispanic children, stating, “We want to create a situation where the kids come together”. Now, this may help the kids socialize more with others with different backgrounds, but it also helps the parents. Since their children are in the same teams, they would be more friendly towards each other. since their children are having fun, thus making a more connected community. I can see this succeeding and expanding towards more areas in America.

In the film ¨American Creed¨, Deirdre Prevett mentions, “While we are a melting pot, we can’t forget where we’ve come from and we all need to learn about each others’ history”. Why bother learning about other cultures? Like a melting pot, this country is made out of different ingredients, all which assimilate the ingredients into one culture: American. However, the flaws in such a way to run means that everyone has the same ideas of how things go, meaning things that require a different way of thinking will be harder to solve

My third reason why community is important is because it can support you when you require aid. When Teegan Griffith, a marine in the U.S, states, “(9/11) tugged at the patriotic heartstrings of people … when a nation is under attack, you serve”. Usually, the American people tend to argue over politics. However, when that day happened, the people put away their differences and decided to unite, with some deciding to serve in the armed forces, like Teegan Griffith. This shows how the American people, her community, chooses to help when the going gets tough. She says it best, “I love that sense of community.”

In Conclusion, the most fundamental value for American society is Community. In a sense, it's what America is really about: Working together to create something for everyone.




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