The main point of this essay is to show that with the hard work the opportunity of ones family gets a bigger chance of succeeding in life with a better community and family.

American Creed

American creed is really misunderstood and the people who really understand it succeed because they understand the way you have to work hard so that future generations have a better future of education, family such as what Condoleezza Rice,David M. Kennedy and Joe maddon did so that they have there future generation to succeed in life.This didn't come right away because many of these people were people who just immigrated to the U.S.Such as what Condoleezza Rice said “It doesn't matter where you've been it only matters where you're going”Saying that in only to succeed you gotta keep going and don't let anything from your past to hold you back or even the materials you didn't have back then such as having no money youll end up somewhere if you keep on going to the dream you think will fit your family and make them proud.

Condoleezza Understands the way American Creed works the way one's ancestors didn't have the dream life and the way they were hold back because of the race her parents were they were poor because of the way racism really affected there life and the way they were hold back and how here parents would protect her at all costs so that she would be able to study and follow her education so that she would help her family build a better education,In the document says that ¨She was successful at school her education became a path for self improvement¨She was able to succeed because of the way her parents sacrificed their lives in order for her to succeed this really connects to Davd M. Kennedy and Joe Maddon because they both came from somewhere poor and still were able to succeed due to their parents' sacrifices.

David M. Kennedy proposes that the only way of succeeding in life is by taking risks in life because his father's dream of succeeding in life was ruined due to the great depression and how this affected him for the rest of his fathers life and realizing how many can achieve the promise that america has.David M.Kennedy says that¨For him, being an American means being brave and taking risks acknowledging that you still might fall¨ This means that you might succeed but theres always something that gets you from succeeding like what happened to his dad he took a risk but the great depression ruined his chances in succeeding.This connects to Joe maddon because he took many risks and ended up seceding just that he had to take a lot of risks and time in order to be the manager of the chicago cubs.

Joe Maddon's goal was to be successful so that future generations of his family have a better chance of succeeding in life so that the generation after them makes the same thing over and over so that his family doesn't have to go on with what happened to his grandparents.Joe Maddon also wants a better community such as what Condoleezza Rice wants for her family and the trust for a better community.He says ¨American society building trust community building¨ meaning that with a better opportunity of succeeding there's an outcome of freedom and building as better community especially with racism because Condoleezza Rice's parents had to go through a lot and the Jim crow laws making them go through a lot of racism.The whole goal is to have a freedom of education and opportunity so one helps build a better community.

The main point is that with a better education there's a lot of outcomes such as freedom,family and a better community.This helps many other people succeed in life with so that when one reaches a point where they are able to go study in peace without any distraction or anything getting in the way for ones dream.American creed is really misunderstood and the people who really understand it succeed because they understand the way you have to work hard so that future generations have a better future of education, family and community




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