I decided to make my poem about my parents and what it took for them to come here. How they see us (my siblings and I) as Pakistani Americans and their perspective on America and what it holds for us.

The journey to America

A trip filled with tears of joy and happiness

Knowing you’ll leave many behind

Knowing it's the beginning of something great

Knowing that your children will pride themselves of being Americans

Laugh at you for the funny ways you pronounce words and correct you on your silly mistakes

Knowing little about what it took to create this future for them

All the hard work it took



Sleepless nights

Just so they wouldn’t have to deal with the struggles that were left behind

Finally in America

The honor of being on US soil

Where education is prevent and valued

Where dreams turn into reality

Where your children can be whoever they want to be and voice whatever they please

A land where your children may run freely feeling every last stride of the beautiful breeze

You being there to pick them up when they fall

Reassuring them of the vast future that is yet to come

Reminding them of who they are and the treasures of home

The royalty that their ancestors carried and the pride that runs through their veins

Looking for their siblings by their side

Realizing every mountain is climbable and that only you can define something that is yours

But you will always be mine

Coming from two different worlds

Knowing who you are

The culture and heritage associated with your skin

Green and White

The vast opportunities this land has given you

Red, Blue, and White




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