Everyone is here for a purpose. Everyone wants to live their own version of the American Dream.

The generation of the baby boomers have had more time to build wealth, invest in their home, and develop a family. Many millennials are still struggling to get up on their feet without help, even then they can not figure things out.

People ask themselves, what does it really mean to be an American? If you are not from America originally you still have a purpose. We are here for a reason because our ancestors wanted a new opportunity and a better life. That is what America is for, to live the “American Dream.” Everyone has a different version of the American Dream whether that is having a big house or a family. Older generations say the key to living the American Dream is owning the home of your dreams.

The American Dream is what you make it. America is full of different races, ethnicities, and religions. Everyone came here for a purpose to have a fresh start. Our country has never been united even though we are the United States of America. We are fighting each other inside our country. We are self destructing because people are so worried about other people and what they are doing with their lives. Some people say, “The immigrants need to leave.” America is no one's country. Our ancestors did not live here they moved here to start a better life just like all the immigrants today. The people who claim they are Americans need to respect that not everyone was born in a “free” country and encourage them to do their best instead of telling them to leave. Most people start with nothing and turn it into something big. In America we are not free we have rights to protect the people from the government.

Older generations and some millennials believe homeownership is the most important element to the American Dream. Others also believe having a healthy and loving family is a big part of the American dream. A lot of the times you can have a lot of money with no house or family and live in an apartment and still be happy. Money is a big part of the American Dream to most people. Many immigrants and people who have lived in America their whole life believe we are free and America is full of unlimited opportunity. In the book Tribe by Sebastian Junger, Junger says, “The earliest and most basic definition of community---of tribe---would be the group of people that you would both help feed and help defend.” Most people in the United States believe having a family is a big part of the American Dream. A lot of people do not have families so they feel as if they can never accomplish the American Dream. Others believe that is not the only key to the American Dream. Others feel welcome without a family even close communities or neighborhoods so therefore those people don’t agree with having a family equals the American Dream.

In an article in the New York Times, written by Anna North, she asked teens about what does it mean to be American they responded, “We are not the country we were before. America faded away from the heritage we were built on. America was built on Christianity and every year the percentage of Christians goes down.” The people who claim they are American should look back at what it really was before social media. They should look at themselves before judging other people. Everyone is here for a purpose. Everyone wants to live their own version of the American Dream.




Columbus High School What It Means To Be American

This group is comprised of Columbus High School students in Columbus, Montana. They have written arguments with the National Writing Project's C3WP materials to answer the question "What does it mean to be American?" posed by Mark Meckler in the documentary film American Creed.

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