My American Creed

This essay is about what I believe my American Creed is.

Three million people who live in America each have a different opinion on what their American creed is. Whether it’s freedom, dreams, or equality every person has a different idea and reason as to what it means to be an American. My American creed is that when living in America anything you dream is possible, you can always be yourself and become who you want.

The “ American Dream” is that every American has an equal opportunity to be successful through hard work and determination. If you live in a poor family as a child but dream to be a doctor when you grow up, hard work to achieve your goal can make it come true. Any job, professional sport, etc can be achieved with the dedication to reach your goal. For some it may take longer for it to happen but it is still achievable. It doesn’t matter what your childhood was like or where you come from, every person can become whom they want to be.

In America, many laws have been passed to allow people to be whom they want. Free speech, for example, allows people to speak about what is on their mind for a better change without violent acts. Every person gets to decide whom they want to be when they grow up and has the opportunity to do so. There have been laws passed to allow a person to change the gender they want to be or to be able to marry the sex they want. We no longer discriminate to people of different races, religion and we accept everyone to be themselves. Being an American allows you to be you.

Everyone has their own American Creed. My American creed is that when living in America anything you dream is possible, you can always be yourself and become who you want. Being an American to me means you can work hard to achieve any dream you have and you can always express who you are and be yourself. 

Kearsarge Regional High School

KRHS--Mrs. Leslie's English 10

Kearsarge Regional High School is a rural school in New Hampshire. English 10 students from several classes are excited to add their voices to the national conversation regarding our American Creeds.

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