How my family has affected my American creed.

How does family affect your creed?

Family is one of the most important things in my life and have given me many standards that I still believe today. I believe family plays such a huge rule in my American creed because of how integrated they are in my life. My American creed is to have opportunity and freedom for my own choices such as religion, political preference, education, and free speech. My family affects my American creed very deeply because of how often I see them and how integrated they are in my life.

An example of this would be church. My mom has raised me to go to church every Sunday. This has become a routine in my life and if I don't do this it feels wrong. This is a Creed which can be passed down from generations. If this creed for opportunity/freedom was not passed down I would not be the same person I am today and I would have a much more different way of living.

Family can also play a role in how they support you. If you aren't supported by your parents and relatives then you most likely won't strive to reach your creed because you are used to never getting pushed by others. My parents help me strive to reach my goals by helping me practice and being there when I don't succeed. An example of this is when I don't do well on a test they push me to practice so that when I take it again I do the best that I can possibly do.

Over my lifetime I have been greatly impacted by the way my parents and relatives have raised me. They have given me many ideals that I still stick to today and many goals that I want to complete within my generation or the next to come.




Kearsarge Regional High School KRHS--Mrs. Leslie's English 10

Kearsarge Regional High School is a rural school in New Hampshire. English 10 students from several classes are excited to add their voices to the national conversation regarding our American Creeds.

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