American creed can be symbolized by different words/ symbols. Everyone has their own sense of what they think American Creed is and how it can affect them.

Unity in America is showed in many different ways and has different aspects that go along with it. This is something that can be symbolized by different things, like words as well as symbols, to put together this idea of American identity. Unity in America and American identity can be showed and represented in different ways, constructed on someone's outlook on things and past experiences, and is shown in people’s lives everyday. American identity affects everyone differently based on how much they know, how passionate they are about it, and how much it affects them personally. If someone isn’t that involved with politics or the government, it may not have that much of an affect on them compared to someone who is very involved with politics and the government.

Everyone has a different perspective of what unity in America is and what it means to them. According to Linda Alchin, the definition of American Creed is defined as “The American Creed is a statement of principles and beliefs that proclaims loyalty to America.” This evidence shows that everyone can have their own meaning of unity in America, but it’s all based around the same ideas and this is what makes America unique. As Americans, it’s important to have a good sense in what we believe American identity is, as well as what it stands for. For example, if you get a group of people together, and look up at an American flag, everyone may have a different idea of what they think about and what it reminds them of. Everyone thinks differently about unity in America, but when it gets down to it, we’re all still connected together by it like a bond. American identity can make people get closer, depending on different beliefs, or it can do the complete opposite. How much someone else’s opinion someone lets it effect them is on them. If a person can’t accept that people have different beliefs and not everyone will agree on everything, then that’s on that person. People shouldn’t be judged by what they believe in and their opinions.

In an essay by Laytona S, she uses words like freedom and opportunity to represent American identity. She talks about what it means to be free, along with how it defines America. This shows that even younger citizens of America have a sense of unity in America and American identity. Young people in our country and all over the world, have been having a huge impact with politics and other issues or events. It’s important that all ages are involved with our nation to a certain degree and understands what’s going on around them. Having kids and teens involved in our society and things that are happening in their community is a good way to get them knowledged and be more educated. How educated these kids are, should be up to the parents until they reach a certain age. Once a kid reaches that certain age and is more interested in politics, I think they should be able to go find out and search what they want. The more they know, the more involved they can be. It’s important for everyone to know what’s going around them, especially where they live.

American identity plays a huge role in America. American identity is another thing that people define America as. Based on a survey I made, I got some different results of what people think of when people hear the words American identity. Some people thought of just one word, and others thought of whole sentences. Some things people said are, freedom, war, courage, responsibility, and government. This survey showed me that there’s so many different views of what comes to mind when someone hears the words American identity. The things people responded with shows what is most important in America. These things are what make up America, and we should focus on them and try to make them as great as possible. For example, someone thought of nutrition/food. We could use this information and try to improve the nutrition of America as a whole. We could try to do this with the most popular things people said and improve our country while focusing on what’s important to our society.

American identity and unity in America are both expressed in many ways. Both of these have different impacts on the community and citizens. It may have a bigger impact on one persons life compared to someone else based on different experiences and thoughts. Everyone has their own point of view of American identity and what they believe its made of. In a way, everyone is connected together by a sense of American identity, even with their differences of thinking and opinions. 




Royal Oak High School AP Lang 2019

Personal responses to American Creed, the documentary.

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