This essay expresses my views on American creed.

American creed

By: Carley Cole

Words express the American creed by like an accent can show where you’re from. For example if you have an french accent, people can assume that you are from a place where they have that accent. Words also give us a chance to express what we are and what we have.

Symbols help express the American creed by like the American flag being a good and meaningful symbol. The confederate flag isn’t so much of a good symbol that represents America and the american creed.

Rituals express the American creed by holidays we celebrate. The 4th of july is a good example to express our independence and we come together as one. Memorial day we celebrate or honor the soldiers who fought for our freedom and our country. 

Summary: American creed can be expressed in many ways like through words, symbols, and rituals. It expresses what makes us american citizens.




A group of 7th Grade American History wannabes

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