I wrote about a variety of topics because I thought they were key points that I needed to hit. This is my opinion on what I think the American Creed is.

The American Creed is something that the people of America hold in their hands. American Creed is based off of freedom, liberty, and justice for all. The Pledge of Allegiance is said every morning at schools. The national anthem is sung at sporting events to honor those who have fought for our country. The American Flag just shows how much we the people respect our country and respect those who have fought in the hard brutal wars to protect our freedom and our independence. Freedom was brought to the people of the United States when the first war began and the troops fought to give it to we the people. American freedom, justice, and liberty for all is a thing that holds us together as a whole. We all protect our brothers and sisters of America and we fight for what we believe in. Freedom of speech would not be with us today if it wasn't for those who have fought for our freedom. We wouldn’t be able to have a voice and stand up for what we believe in if it wasn’t for American Creed. Not only are we the people allowed to have a voice, but we can make a stand and shout from the rooftops to have our voices be heard. We are all told that we are equal, but are we really? Jewish people, Mexicans, African Americans, and many more still aren’t equal. There is still human laboring. How are we all supposed to be equal if others get judged for the color of their skin or for what they believe in? We all should stand together and make our country become equal once and for all because everyone on this planet deserve to be treated equally and be able to be who they are and not be judged for it. Just because someone isn’t the same color as you, or they have different beliefs does not mean we the people should judge them and discourage them! We all have to stand tall and give them that equality. Everyone has individualism and they are who they are they can’t change for anyone because nobody is the same person no one is going to agree on every little detail. As a citizen everyone is told they have to obey the law. Not everyone listens to that why be judged for it if they mess up? Nobody is perfect everyone makes mistakes. God didn’t create us to just sit around and judge people he created us so we can give love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, and have self control. God wants everyone to be treated the same way and not be judged for what they believe in. If you were in the shoes as some of the Jews, Mexicans, African Americans, and many more would you want to be criticized for what you believe in or what you look like? Treat everyone the way you want to be treated back and just because someone else has the God given right to judge someone, think to yourself I wonder how that makes the person feel. You should say something for them to know that you believe in what they do. Don’t be a bystander and criticize people left and right be the voice that changes people’s lives. We all were made to have a voice so use it. There are still people out there who are being trafficked into forced labor be the person who stops it, don’t ignore the signs of someone hurting. Always ask every person you see if they are okay, pray for them be the light in their darkness be a voice in their head telling them what is right and what is wrong. Don’t be afraid, be idle and ignore signs of someone in grief or pain everyone was created for a good reason don’t waste it on the negative things. Turn negative situations into positive ones, stand up don’t sit down when someone is in trouble. God gave everyone a will and to fight for the power and the freedom that is given to each and every person. Someone's individuality is sacred to that person alone and must fight for every battle that comes their way.




Niagara High School Mr. Laarman's U.S. History Class

11th graders from Niagara, WI

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