This is a poem that describes some key points on what America was like to me. America was not just the land of the free, there were some dark and depressing points that come with this country.

America, it is known to be the land of the free,

With the way it is now not everyone can agree.

Everyone wants to fulfill their American Dream,

But not everyone can because of their self-esteem.

You would hear African Americans cry in terror,

It all goes to court and ends with trial and error.

Many people ended up in poverty,

Since only white men were allowed to buy property.

There are many people that believe in being patriotic,

Then there are several people who chose to act chaotic.

When African Americans weren’t free they wrote a night letter,

This was America and today it isn’t much better.

By: Elsa Champeau




Niagara High School Mr. Laarman's U.S. History Class

11th graders from Niagara, WI

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