My American Creed

It's just my American Creed

By Matt T. from Project Citizen in Connecticut

Freedom from oppression--

No more children in poverty, screaming in pain

Standing alone in the rain

Feeling like a bother, a stain

When it comes to humanity, I have great disdain

All we know is destruction, not creation

The world bubbling, overflowing with aggression

Drawing our swords at the weak

Violence and bloodshed is what we seek

Why can’t humanity just behave for a week?

If we stop our thrashin’

Turn it into compassion--

Stop the pillaging and plunder

End world hunger

Instead of bathing in pools of blood

Let’s bathe in pools of water

Chillin’, relaxin’

Forming deep connections

Cuz at the end of the day

We’re all human

Freedom from oppression

Project Citizen

Project Citizen '19

Project Citizen is a youth writing lab that is offered as part of the Connecticut Writing Project at Fairfield University. The mission of Project Citizen is to empower young writers to engage in issues of social and political importance through a variety of genres in order to both find their voice and to become fully realized citizens in our democracy. Project Citizen brings together students from school districts and towns in Fairfield county that represent a variety of economic, racial, ethnic, and religious demographic groups in an effort to break down the "zip code apartheid" that stands in the way of true collaborative learning.

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