My piece is about how my family and where I live have showed me that the principle of equality plays a big role in America. Everyone is given equal opportunity.

As citizens of the United States, we all share one country in which we all coexist. The idea that all men are created equal dates back the Declaration of Independence, and we still strive to uphold this today. No matter your race, religion, background, or gender, every citizen is given the same opportunities. Equality makes America unique and is what really connects me to the American Creed. In 1974, my grandparents immigrated to the United States from the Netherlands. They came with their son, my uncle, and established new beginnings in the United States. A few years later, they had my mom and eventually my aunt. My grandparents were allowed the opportunities to get jobs, put their children into good schools, and seek the American Dream. Many perceive the American Dream as coming to America and working hard to achieve a better life for themselves. No matter your background, you will be able to make something of yourself. In my case, as well as many others, this hold very true. My grandparents today are entrepreneurs who see opportunities and take risks to progress forward. My grandparents may not have been so successful if they hadn’t come to the Unites States because even though they had come from a different country, they were treated as equals. This is what I believe is a primary principle in the foundation of America. At some point in everyone’s history, there was someone who came from another country and immigrated to America, adding to the blended cultures, religions, races, and backgrounds.

My community also plays a large role into my connection to the American Creed. There are many places all over America that depict how unique and amazing our nation is. I live in Pensacola, FL, which is home to the Pensacola Naval Air Station. Here they train pilots and naval aviators. Pensacola is commonly referred to as the “Cradle of Naval Aviation” because of how it kick started American aviation, which dates back to World War I. What is so great about the military is that any citizen can enlist and fight for the Unites States, no matter what political party you associate with, where you’re from, or what religion you are. It was the American military that originally fought so hard to gain this freedom for every citizen. Being in Pensacola we often see lots of military personnel or have friends that live here because of their job in the military. This serves as a daily reminder of how many people fought for equality and are still serving to protect it.

One of the founding principles in the American Creed is equality, and my family and community have truly connected me to this ideology. America is a great nation that offers equality and opportunities to everyone. My grandparents helped show me the true American Dream and how hard work pays off. America also has an amazing military in which Pensacola and its naval history show me every day. Many people died fighting to give Americans equality despite what race, religion, or party you are in. 




Emerald Coast National Writing Project Gulf Breeze High School

Mrs. Parker's American History Class

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