USWNT resources for girls youth soccer (they use phones) as resources (for the club) lessen + recruitment occurs it happens electronically. A difference in teams + resources or recruitment interest would result in a lack of electronic communication.

No matter how long you stare at the screen

That doesn’t mean they are staring at theirs.

An answer is not guaranteed

No matter which apps you check

Or what locations you look at

Or how many texts you send

Or how many calls you make


They still won’t answer.

It’s not your fault.

Everyone turns their phone off sometimes,

To sleep

To eat

To drive.

Just because you are on your phone

Does not mean that they are on theirs.

Maybe they are thinking of you

Or maybe not.

But a thought is not always a text,

And a text is not always a thought.

Memories are flawed, and sometimes

People just forget.




This group is exploring issues of concern for our community and our world with creative responses that examine the impact or possible impacts of events on peoples' lives through fiction and poetry.

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