The importance of change and diversity in our society

Cultural diversity is one of the factors that makes this country so different. From cost to coast there are plenty examples of the mixing of cultures. Why is diversity so important in our society? Over the course of America’s history diversity wasn’t as accepted as it is today but one of the interesting points and meaningful parts is how we’ve changed over time and became more accepting through time. America is still trying to transcend its shameful past but it’s important to notice that there is change going on and eventually our society will be all inclusive.

Over our history's past there’s been many low points but it’s important that we can see as a society that we are overcoming the adversities faced as a whole nation. Today it’s more about being an American than anything together we are all the same and people are starting to see this through. The American Creed differs from person to person, culture to culture, but as a whole, we all have the same dreams and aspirations. Everyone wants to be accepted in society, no matter what race you are, everyone wants to be accepted, and make it in this world. America, the land of the free, gives all of these people the opportunity to do so. Although it may seem harder and different for some cultures and races to achieve the American Dream, America is the land of opportunities and anyone who is determined enough will achieve their dreams in life.

America has a long way to go but has also come a long way since we began. What was once a place of slavery, and inequality, has evolved into one of the most free and equal places in the world today. Everyone has the ability to do what they want in life, they just need to reach out and take these opportunities. One day, we can only hope that everyone will be treated completely equal, as for now, everyone needs to keep striving for change and equality.  




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