This presentation captures my personal definition of the American creed and the pillars I've chosen to represent the creed. Included in the slides are quotes by scholars and other participants from the American Creed documentary and interviews from close family and friends.

My Ideals and Aspirations Regarding the American Creed

Slide one: Title and author

American Creed by Lily Murphy

American Flag picture: Creative Commons

Slide two: Condoleezza Rice

Mention her American ideals : Faith, community and education.

Quote from her “ Always going to be gaps between a country’s aspirations and realities”.

Present an image of her:

Slide three: Skepticism

Definition: doubt as to the truth of something; the theory that certain knowledge is impossible.

We could save a lot of resources, energy, time and heartbreak if we just realize the knowledge of what we can and cannot do.

It’s good to dream but it’s better to be realistic

Using this statement as a segway into my second American ideal

Visual representing skepticism by Jaden Knaak

Slide four: Knowledge

Definition: facts, information and skills acquired by a person through experience or education

Everything is built on knowledge, knowing what is personally achievable and what is not.

Show my own visual representing knowledge

Slide five: Genuineness

Being who you are undeniably and accepting the way things are.

“... addicted to the idea of individuality but most cruelties require collective help and togetherness” - Junot Diaz

Part of being an American is being authentic.

Take things as they come and aspire to be like no one else.

Picture of me dressed as a mascot = unique

Slide six: My family

Pictured are Me (Lily Murphy), Benjamin Murphy, Michele Murphy, Jonah Murphy and Titus Murphy.

Slide seven: Interviews

Interviewees were given the question “ What does the American Dream mean to you?”.

Responses by Michele Murphy, Titus Murphy, Oliver Middleton, Cole Hammill, Ben Murphy and my own clip at the end.

Slide eight: Maddy Lisaius

“... bring where we’re from to where we’re going and making that connection” - Maddy Lisaius.

Relate Maddy’s view to what Michele Murphy said in the interview. Relate their ideas about the past to make the connection that your past and future aren’t that far apart. You can take however you grew up and make a future for yourself.

Photo of Michele Murphy

Photo of Maddy Lisaius :

Slide nine: My Realizations

Quote from Oliver Middleton: “It’s love, it’s simple… being free to believe what you want and say what you want” .

Quote from Cole Hammill: “You can live in America and you can become whatever you want” .

Everyone mentions the word freedom, I realize that everyone knows they have the power to do what they want.

They know they are free, know they can do/ accomplish everything they want.

Slide ten: How I’m going to achieve my dream

Mention graduating early - extra classes that I took.

Plan to attend UAA for at least the first two years, obtain a Bachelors of Social Work

Preferably get a job somewhere in the midwest or east coast so I can experience new things and make new memories.

Picture of UAA logo:

Slide eleven: Works Cited

Ball, Sam, director. American Creed. WTTW and Citizen Film, 2018.




Chugiak High School CHS Am Lit/English III P5

Chugiak High School: Chugiak, Alaska :: American Literature/English III P5 :: Instructor: ML Richards

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