The analysis of the quote that claims “...Powers are derived from the consent of the governed...” and how it relates to the illusive American Dream that we all share, as well as what it means to me.

The meaning of this quote is that even though America may be considered omnipotent, its true power is derived from the people, the ‘governed’, who, because they’re in a democracy, vote for who they want to lead our country and are allowed to protest if their leader isn’t fulfilling their desires. Unlike in 1700s Britain, where a sole king made all the decisions, the president must now consult with a plethora of other officials before making a choice.

This quote fully encapsulates this particular time period as well as my part in it. Page’s words are a reminder that we, the people, those who gift unimaginable power to our president through elections, have to remember that we are the ones who decide how America will be governed, and this responsibility is of the utmost importance. Luckily, my fellow citizens and I have the ability to protest our current rule in marches, speeches, and displays of peaceful protesting.

It’s because of this American Dream that my mother’s grandparents immigrated from Russia and my father’s grandparents from Germany so that I have the freedoms that I have today. 




Dobbs Ferry Middle School Dobbs Ferry Middle School

Students have watched American Creed to reflect on their identity and American values.

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