In order for more United States citizens to achieve the American Dream, the education system that is currently in place needs to be improved with a funding increase.

The United States is a country of immigrants; the U.S. is one of few countries that does not have a specific nationality. People from around the world have been immigrating to North America since there has been people on Earth. People were encouraged to immigrate to the Americas and leave Europe. Their reasons for immigrating included escaping religious persecution, seeking new opportunities, finding wealth, and escaping monarch-rule among others.

After the migration of people coming to the United States began, so did the work. The soil was unbroken, crops needed planted, homesteads needed built, towns needed shops, animals needed trapped, the land needed surveyed, and expansion was necessary. From the beginning, the United States has been based off working towards a better tomorrow: for yourself, for your kids, and for your neighbors. The American Dream was born of working together towards our “Pursuit of Happiness.”

In a PBS segment called “American Creed Community Conversation - American Dream,” NAACP Sectional Director, Ron Felton, stated, “the American Dream for many people is to be successful.” However, success can be measured in many different ways. Some people may feel that to be successful means one can raise a family in a good healthy environment, or to not be judged by the color of their skin or the language that they speak; other people may measure success in a monetary form or as a social status.

One thing that all forms of success share is the desire to achieve it. Everyone has the inclination to have more than what they were provided with while growing up themselves. Humans have always been trying to improve things, either by creating new technology, competitiveness, and moving away from the “simple life.” Josh Narrow, a George Washington University student refers to the idea of perseverance, saying that perseverance is what has always made America what it is. It has allowed us to endure tough times and come out stronger on the other side.

Education is an essential part of achieving the American Dream. Education allows advancement in the workplace which in turn provides higher-paying jobs. Although money does not decide how successful someone is, it does provide a way to leave a poverty ridden area and relocate to a better neighborhood where you can raise a family in a safe community. If a quality education is unavailable to anyone, equal opportunity is unavailable in the country. Many prejudices and segregated views are based off of the ideology of one race being superior to another. However, with equal education, there will no be superiority due to everyone having the same opportunities.

The United States education system is failing. Many schools throughout the United States do not have adequate funding which means students resources are depleted with no way to replenish them. Without proper access for students, both for primary and secondary schooling, the future generations of the United States will not have the ability to reach their full potential and the United States as a whole will suffer from it. In order for more United States citizens to achieve the American Dream, the education system that is currently in place needs to be improved with a funding increase. 




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